School Sport Awards

School Sport NZ SERVICE TO SCHOOL SPORT AWARDS (Service, Innovation & Champions)

Service to School Sport Award The criteria for the award states: To be presented to people who, as volunteers, have made contributions to secondary school sport that are deemed to be exceptional,” so take the opportunity to recognise some of your people that have had a significant, long-term input to school sport.

Innovation in School Sport. The award recognises initiative in school sport that is deemed to be exceptional in providing quality sporting opportunities for secondary school students.

Champion of School Sport Award. The recipient will have:

  • been involved in secondary school sport for more than 15 years
  • contributed to secondary school sport beyond a local level, that is at regional and/or national level
  • shown leadership in the secondary school sport sector

​​​​​​​Nominations for the above awards can be made by emailing with supporting documentation.

For a list of previous recipients, Click Here